Yuxing provides more than 100 different colors in total.

Yuxing iron oxide pigment is supplied in different forms such as national standard powder, micronized powder. All products are known for their excellent color stability, light fastness, weather stability and chemical resistance.



Architectural coatings

The principle of ferric oxide dispersant is that the new product combines the double advantages of electrostatic stability and steric resistance stability……

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Paint and asphalt

Iron oxide pigments have good weather resistance, high purity, good thermal stability, good compatibility with other components in the application system……

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Wall paint

Iron oxide pigments are widely used in coatings, paints and inks because of their non-toxic, non seeping, low cost and various hues. Iron oxide pigments used……

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Used for some special paper filling with iron oxide pigment is a kind of inorganic pigment, is not widely used, it is part of the iron pigments……

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Cosmetics contain various iron oxide materials. There are both ordinary iron oxide inorganic pigments and special iron oxide materials in iron oxide pigments……

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Medical Apparatus And Instruments

In the application of rubber and plastics, iron oxide red, which does not contain heavy metal ions such as copper and manganese, can be used in aviation tires……

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After more than 40 years of development, Yuxing has an annual output of 200000 tons.

After more than 40 years of development, Yuxing has an annual output of 200000 tons. Yuxing products cover iron oxide red, yellow, black, brown, green, orange, blue, etc. Yuxing products not only have bright luster and stable performance, but also have unique weather resistance and corrosion resistance, and sell well all over the world.

Different Color
Development History
Annual Output


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Yuxing Technology Blooms Brilliantly | CHINACOAT 2023 is Unprecedented!

CHINACOAT 2023 On November 15th,CHINACOAT 2023 officially opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.Yuxing Technology participated in this exhibition with many heavyweight new products. The Yuxing Technology exhibition area not only showcases the colorful series of products, but also highlights high-performance products such as high-temperature resistant iron oxide pigments, granular iron oxide pigments, ultrafine iron oxide pigments, and heavy iron yellow. These innovative materials lead the trend in the paint industry, providing customers with a wider range of choices. Yuxing Technology leads the trend with technology and paints the future with unique colors. As a national level “specialized, refined, and innovative” small giant enterprise and a national high-tech enterprise, Yuxing Technology has established the “Jiangsu Engineering Technology Research Center” and has professional, customized, one-stop product research and production capabilities. It has the core technology of high-level iron oxide pigment production in the industry and is an expert in solving multiple application scenarios of iron oxide pigments in China. During the exhibition, Yuxing Technology once again stood out with its brand advantages, high-quality green products, efficient service team, and high-quality comprehensive color solutions.In the future, Yuxing Technology will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation and be committed to bringing …


Innovative and Brilliant Exhibition Series Broadcast (5)

As global oil prices continue to rise, logistics and transportation costs have also skyrocketed. This particularly affects the traditional iron oxide yellow market, as its low density and large volume lead to exceptionally high transportation costs. In exports to countries such as Europe and America, transportation costs even account for 10-30% of the total cost, significantly weakening the advantage of domestic products in international competition. Therefore, there is an urgent and practical need to launch a new, high-density iron oxide yellow. To address this challenge, Yuxing Technology has launched an innovative heavy iron oxide yellow. Through a unique production process, we have successfully increased the stacking density of this new type of iron oxide yellow, which is 10% to 70% higher than traditional iron oxide yellow. This means that the storage and transportation space required for heavy iron oxide yellow of the same quality is greatly reduced, thereby reducing overall transportation costs. In addition, the oil absorption of this high-density iron oxide yellow is about 20% lower than that of ordinary iron oxide yellow, and it has stronger coloring ability. The combination of these two significantly reduces the amount of pigment used and further reduces costs. Heavy iron oxide yellowProduct …

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Innovative and Brilliant Exhibition Series Broadcast (3)

11.15-17 China International Coatings Exhibition (Shanghai) Series Broadcast After more than forty years of unremitting exploration and research, Yuxing Technology has accumulated rich manufacturing experience and also cultivated a large number of senior technical talents. All these efforts together have created a mature, efficient, and technologically advanced team. In order to keep up with the international advanced level, we have also introduced high-end testing equipment such as Datacolor spectrophotometer and laser particle size analyzer, and used scientific testing methods to ensure that our product indicators far exceed national standards. For example, we can control the sieve residue below 0.1%, ensure that the pH value is in a neutral state, and control the water-soluble content at 0.15%. Ultrafine iron oxide pigment This grand launch of Yuxing Technology’s flagship product – ultrafine iron oxide pigment. Ultrafine pigments not only inherit all the excellent properties of traditional iron oxide pigments, but also significantly reduce the aggregation of pigment particles through special additives and grinding processes. This unique process greatly reduces the surface attraction between pigment particles, thereby significantly improving their dispersibility in various application systems. On high-speed mixing equipment, our ultrafine iron oxide pigments exhibit excellent dispersibility and extremely high cost-effectiveness. Its color …


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