Yuxing won the top 50 industrial enterprises in 2020

Recently, the city’s comprehensive advanced commendation and style and efficiency construction conference was held in the conference center of the municipal government to summarize last year’s achievements and commend advanced models. At the meeting, Yuxing was once again awarded the “top 50 industrial enterprises in 2020”. Fengxiaochun, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, personally presented the award to Lei Zhengjun, chairman of Yuxing, and stressed that the whole city should match the advanced example such as Yuxing, strive to catch up and surpass, and be the pioneer and high-quality development leader of the province in “striving to be an example, a model and a leader”.
Nowadays, China has become a large iron oxide manufacturing country, among which the production scale of Yuxing is in the leading position in China. As a benchmark enterprise in the iron oxide industry, in recent years, Yuxing has shown a rapid development momentum in production, operation and management. While achieving fruitful results, its brand influence has also been recognized by the industry and society. It has been widely used in national key construction projects such as coatings, building materials, ceramics, rubber and plastics and other industrial and civil construction projects, and has become a representative of domestic high-quality brands.
To achieve high-quality development of iron oxide, it is inseparable from technological innovation, industrial innovation, transformation and upgrading. Yu Xing incorporated the awareness of “being first” into the corporate culture. Mr. Lei said: “throughout the development of Yu Xing, increasing R & D strength, striving to cultivate talents, and the consistent” domestic + foreign “dual regionalization strategy are the basis for us to achieve outstanding performance.
Honor testifies to strength, which is the recognition of Yuxing by the government and all walks of life. In the future, Yuxing will continue to actively explore the road of differentiated high-quality development and green development, actively promote the iron oxide industry to high-end development and green development, and fight for energy conservation and emission reduction. With more advanced R & D technology, stable product quality and integrated service concept, Yuxing will become an industry benchmark enterprise and make greater contributions to the success of the 14th five year plan!

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