Special “May Day” on the road of anti epidemic

As may day approaches, Yixing is celebrating a special “Labor Day”. In the critical period of the city’s concerted efforts to fight the epidemic, a group of people have always adhered to the front line, worked hard day and night, and spared no effort to protect the life safety and health of the people. They are the most beautiful rebels under special circumstances. Recently, Shan Miao, a representative of the Municipal People’s Congress and general manager of Yuxing, sent warm condolences to the anti epidemic workers in Qiting street, and paid tribute and thanks to their spirit of being ahead and fearless.
Qiting street is a key area for prevention and control in Yixing City. The staff of all units and departments in Qiting Street quickly shoulder their responsibilities, stick to their posts day and night regardless of wind, rain and risk, strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control systems and measures in Yixing, and build a strong security line for the people in Qiting street.

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Yuxing, located in Yixing Economic and Technological Development Zone, is subordinate to Qiting street. In the current complex and changeable situation, first of all, Yuxing strictly controls the disinfection and sterilization of foreign vehicles and goods entering the plant to ensure that foreign personnel strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control policy. Secondly, the general manager of the company personally led some management at all levels to live in the company to ensure production safety. At present, the enterprise has normalized the work of epidemic prevention and control to ensure the normal operation of production and operation. Thanks to this,
The compact and orderly first-line production makes people look forward to the “report card” of Yuxing in the second quarter. At present, Yuxing has abundant orders in hand, and its development momentum is also booming.
At present, enterprises have love. The so-called quiet time is just that someone is carrying a heavy load. At this special moment, Yuxing pays tribute to all workers. All the cadres and staff of Yuxing will unite as one and go all out to continue to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, strengthen epidemic prevention and control, help Yixing, and win the “double victory” of epidemic prevention and control and the booming production and sales of Yuxing in the second quarter of 2022.

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