Seek common development and create the future | China Iron Oxide Industry Council will be held grandly in 2023!

China’s iron oxide industry


The wind and the sun are beautiful and the sails are beautiful. On March 1, 2023, Chinese iron oxide industry colleagues gathered at Yuxing and held the 2023 China Iron Oxide Industry Council.

General Assembly Style

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“Strengthening and stabilizing confidence, implementing the” Double Cycle “market, and taking the” specialized and new “development path of small giants” is the main theme of the China Iron Oxide Industry Council in 2023.

“Star” language

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At the meeting, Shan Miao, General Manager of Yuxing, elaborated on the development trend of Yuxing in recent years. He said that in the face of the severe domestic and international macro situation, Yuxing faced the challenge directly and acted against the trend, maintaining the business situation of seeking progress while maintaining stability; In the face of the most stringent safety and environmental protection requirements of the superior, Yuxing faced the problems directly and made comprehensive rectification, and the safety and environmental management level of the enterprise was improved; Faced with the risk factors that affect the development of the enterprise, Yuxing resisted the pressure, dared to compete, and effectively resolved many historical and accumulated contradictions.
At the same time, President Shan made an appeal on the volatile industry situation. First, we should focus on the joint efforts of regulating the market and speed up the construction of industry leading alliances. Put aside the market thinking of fighting alone, really join hands to build a comprehensive and deep leading enterprise alliance, participate in the market with a unified price strategy, competition strategy and long-term development strategy, truly gather the strong force of market regulation, and create conditions for winning the competitive initiative; Second, focus on the bottom line of industry access and accelerate the construction of green production alliance. The governing units have the responsibility and obligation to unite, vigorously guide other peer enterprises in the region to speed up the green development process, constantly promote the survival of the fittest in the industry, digest excess capacity, eliminate pollution processes, and strive to build a benign industrial competition pattern.

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