Salute!!! Yuxing people in the heat

Red alert for high temperature activated

The temperature soared at one point

Face the “roasting” mode

Yuxing technology frontline staff

Not afraid of the sun, not afraid of heat

With the most beautiful “inflammation” value “sweat” guard stick to the post

Fully highlight the beauty of Yuxing workers’ labor

Heat wave rolling, rushing in the line of Yuxing people in the ordinary post, writing extraordinary adhere to, keep the original mind, withstand the “roast” test.

In the scorching summer and scorching sun, Yuxing people record the most beautiful labor moments with their actions. With a dedication hotter than the scorching sun, they compete to exert their efforts, interpret their responsibilities with sweat, create the future with actions, and forge ahead toward the goal of winning the “annual red”.
At the same time, in order to protect the health of front-line employees, the company also provides sufficient items to prevent the heat and cool down. Ice cubes, air conditioners and mung bean soup are prepared at many places on the site to prevent the front-line employees from working in high temperature and fatigue for a long time.
A different kind of job
The same responsibility and commitment
Heat wave rolling, not “hot” love
Salute!!! Every Yuxing who sticks to the front line!

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