Paint and asphalt

Iron oxide pigments have good weather resistance, high purity, good thermal stability, good compatibility with other components in the application system, can absorb ultraviolet light, prevent degradation of the base material, and low cost, so they can be widely used in coatings and paints. Due to its strong covering power, strong impermeability to ultraviolet light and small water absorption, it can enhance the mechanical strength of the paint film, especially its excellent characteristics in terms of adhesion. The mixed use of other antirust pigments such as red lead and zinc yellow can enhance the stability and mechanical strength of the paint film. Now it is widely used in various outdoor paints, traffic paints, metal antirust primers and topcoats. Iron oxide pigments used in paint include iron red, iron yellow, iron brown, iron black, iron green, micaceous iron oxide and transparent iron oxide, among which iron red products have a large amount and a wide range. Permeating iron is most suitable for automobile topcoat, wood coloring, can coating, medical packaging coloring and so on.

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