One “Star” epidemic prevention, fight against epidemic disease with “Star”

In order to further do a good job in epidemic prevention and control and ensure the health and life safety of the people, recently, the economic development zone (Qiting Street) started the nucleic acid detection of all employees. In response to the call of the economic development zone, Yuxing science and technology actively fulfilled its social responsibilities. Shan Miao, Secretary of the general Party branch and general manager of Yuxing science and technology, immediately issued a mobilization order to Party members and cadres. Party members and cadres should stick to the front line, sink into the front line, play a good role of demonstration and guidance, and resolutely win the war of annihilation for epidemic prevention and control. The “second change” volunteers of Yuxing science and technology staff are active at all points, guiding the queue, maintaining order, entering information, and showing the responsibility and responsibility of Yuxing science and technology in the fight against epidemic diseases.

They spared no effort to escort the efficient and orderly nucleic acid detection of the whole staff. Words that warm the hearts of the people, the actions of an individual sticking to the micro, and the running back of each individual have become a firm and warm symbol of the front line of epidemic prevention and control. After 5 hours of continuous hard work, the nucleic acid detection task of the whole staff was completed quickly, efficiently and orderly. At the nucleic acid detection points, warm pictures are emerging one after another, gathering touching pictures of concerted efforts to fight the epidemic. Yuxing technology and the economic development zone work together to safeguard the safety of the park. At a critical juncture in the fight against epidemic diseases, we made modest contributions to winning the war of prevention and control of epidemic diseases, and created a “valuable and warm Yuxing red”.

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