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Special “May Day” on the road of anti epidemic

As may day approaches, Yixing is celebrating a special “Labor Day”. In the critical period of the city’s concerted efforts to fight the epidemic, a group of people have always adhered to the front line, worked hard day and night, and spared no effort to protect the life safety and health of the people. They are the most beautiful rebels under special circumstances. Recently, Shan Miao, a representative of the Municipal People’s Congress and general manager of Yuxing, sent warm …

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Yuxing Technology Blooms Brilliantly | CHINACOAT 2023 is Unprecedented!

CHINACOAT 2023 On November 15th,CHINACOAT 2023 officially opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.Yuxing Technology participated in this exhibition …

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Innovative and Brilliant Exhibition Series Broadcast (5)

As global oil prices continue to rise, logistics and transportation costs have also skyrocketed. This particularly affects the traditional iron …

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Innovative and Brilliant Exhibition Series Broadcast (3)

11.15-17 China International Coatings Exhibition (Shanghai) Series Broadcast After more than forty years of unremitting exploration and research, Yuxing Technology …

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Innovative and Brilliant Exhibition Series Broadcast (4)

2023 Innovation creates a new and brilliant appearanceGranular iron oxide pigment The granular iron oxide pigment of Yuxing Technology is …

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