Iron oxide yellow 313

YUXİNG® Yellow Iron Oxides are of the formula FeOOH and they exhibit acicular particle morphology. These products are produced using a multi-step process which involves the precipitation of ferric oxyhydroxide followed by purification through washing, drying and milling. Each step in the manufacturing process is controlled within narrow limits to produce products with superior properties.

Product Description

Brand Yuxing®
Series GB
Product Code 313
Color Card Full shade: Color Reduction: Color
Delivery Form Powder
Chemical Name Iron hydroxide oxide(α-FeOOH)
CAS NO. 20344-49-4/243-746-4
Sales Packing In 25kg paper bag/1000kg bulk bag then palletized

Yuxing ® Iron oxide yellow is manufactured in the factory located in Yixing Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jiangsu Province. Yuxing adopts the third generation iron oxide process production technology with independent intellectual property rights, and uses DCS distributed control system to realize the organization, control, recording and production tasks, formula and process electronization of iron oxide pigment production, which greatly improves the accuracy and stability of products.
Yuxing ® Iron oxide yellow generally has needle shaped particle structure. In addition, their thermal stability is lower than that of red pigments. After years of technical research and development, xianyuxing has successfully overcome these difficulties. After processing, it can create huge added value and develop a series of high-quality high-temperature iron oxide pigments. After treatment, iron oxide yellow can significantly improve its thermal stability.
Yuxing ® Iron oxide yellow has a wide range of applications, such as wall finishing in the construction industry, mosaic flooring, and coloring of cement products. It can also be used for coloring of rubber, plastics, and papermaking.
Yuxing ® Iron oxide yellow ranges in hue from light green to intense orange.

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