Innovative and Brilliant Exhibition Series Broadcast (5)

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As global oil prices continue to rise, logistics and transportation costs have also skyrocketed. This particularly affects the traditional iron oxide yellow market, as its low density and large volume lead to exceptionally high transportation costs. In exports to countries such as Europe and America, transportation costs even account for 10-30% of the total cost, significantly weakening the advantage of domestic products in international competition. Therefore, there is an urgent and practical need to launch a new, high-density iron oxide yellow.

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To address this challenge, Yuxing Technology has launched an innovative heavy iron oxide yellow. Through a unique production process, we have successfully increased the stacking density of this new type of iron oxide yellow, which is 10% to 70% higher than traditional iron oxide yellow. This means that the storage and transportation space required for heavy iron oxide yellow of the same quality is greatly reduced, thereby reducing overall transportation costs. In addition, the oil absorption of this high-density iron oxide yellow is about 20% lower than that of ordinary iron oxide yellow, and it has stronger coloring ability. The combination of these two significantly reduces the amount of pigment used and further reduces costs.

Heavy iron oxide yellow
Product Features
·High density, saving storage and transportation space
·Strong coloring performance, reducing pigment usage
·Excellent oil absorption performance, improving product quality
·Small size, reducing transportation costs

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Main application areas
·Color paste manufacturing
·Steel coil coating
·Plastic and rubber products
·Papermaking process
·Wood paint and industrial coatings
·Printing ink

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Through this series of optimizations, Yuxing Technology has made positive contributions to solving industry pain points. We look forward to working together with more customers to create a better future.

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