Innovative and Brilliant Exhibition Series Broadcast (3)

11.15-17 China International Coatings Exhibition (Shanghai) Series Broadcast

After more than forty years of unremitting exploration and research, Yuxing Technology has accumulated rich manufacturing experience and also cultivated a large number of senior technical talents. All these efforts together have created a mature, efficient, and technologically advanced team. In order to keep up with the international advanced level, we have also introduced high-end testing equipment such as Datacolor spectrophotometer and laser particle size analyzer, and used scientific testing methods to ensure that our product indicators far exceed national standards. For example, we can control the sieve residue below 0.1%, ensure that the pH value is in a neutral state, and control the water-soluble content at 0.15%.

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Ultrafine iron oxide pigment

This grand launch of Yuxing Technology’s flagship product – ultrafine iron oxide pigment. Ultrafine pigments not only inherit all the excellent properties of traditional iron oxide pigments, but also significantly reduce the aggregation of pigment particles through special additives and grinding processes. This unique process greatly reduces the surface attraction between pigment particles, thereby significantly improving their dispersibility in various application systems.

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Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and strong coloring power

On high-speed mixing equipment, our ultrafine iron oxide pigments exhibit excellent dispersibility and extremely high cost-effectiveness. Its color is clean and bright, with strong coloring power, and also has excellent light and weather resistance. More importantly, this product is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, undoubtedly the top quality choice among similar pigments.

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Ultrafine iron oxide pigment

Product features:
◆ Low oil absorption and low viscosity, achieving bright color expression
◆ High coloring power and ultra-fine refining process ensure high powder fineness
◆ High mixing fineness reaches level 6 or above, significantly saving dispersion time, energy consumption, and labor costs
Application scope:
This product is widely used in various industries such as color paste, steel coil coating, plastic, papermaking, wood paint, industrial coating, rubber, and ink.

Application scenario

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