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Special “May Day” on the road of anti epidemic

As may day approaches, Yixing is celebrating a special “Labor Day”. In the critical period of the city’s concerted efforts to fight the epidemic, a group of people have always adhered to the front line, worked hard day and night, and spared no effort to protect the life safety and health of the people. They are the most beautiful rebels under special circumstances. Recently, Shan Miao, a representative of the Municipal People’s Congress and general manager of Yuxing, sent warm …

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Salute!!! Yuxing people in the heat

Red alert for high temperature activated The temperature soared at one point Face the “roasting” mode Yuxing technology frontline staff …

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One “Star” epidemic prevention, fight against epidemic disease with “Star”

In order to further do a good job in epidemic prevention and control and ensure the health and life safety …

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26800t, 2.2E | The number of universal stars says one quarter

Report to the people who care about and support Yuxing!Yuxing, in the first quarter of 2022, it is expected that …

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Yuxing won the top 50 industrial enterprises in 2020

Recently, the city’s comprehensive advanced commendation and style and efficiency construction conference was held in the conference center of the …

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