Iron oxide black YX722M

Yuxing YX722M is a micronized iron oxide black pigment. Our pigment is manufactured with specially designed dispersion agents and ground to a fine grade powder. Micronized iron oxide black owns much fine particle size, better color consistency, more bright color, superior dispersibility, higher tinting strength and excellent resistance to color change, they are widely used in architectural paints, industrial coatings, product finishes, wood stains, plastics, rubber, ceramics, inks, paper, concrete, stucco, cement and mortar.

Product Description

Brand Yuxing®
Series RM
Product Code YX722M
Color Card Full shade: Color Reduction: Color
Delivery Form Powder
Chemical Name Triiron tetraoxide(Fe3O4)
CAS NO. 1317-61-9/215-277-5
Sales Packing In 25kg paper bag/1000kg bulk bag then palletized

Yuxing ® The combination models of iron oxide black products are 5330 and 720. Their hiding power and coloring power are very high, and their effect on light and atmosphere is very stable, like all cosmic stars ® Iron oxide series products provide good color consistency and stability. The main component of iron oxide black is iron trioxide, a magnetic black crystal, which can be approximately regarded as a compound of iron oxide and ferrous oxide. Iron oxide black is soluble in acid solution, but insoluble in water, alkali solution, ethanol, ether and other organic solvents. It is suitable for paint making in coating industry, cement coloring in construction industry, etc.
Yuxing ® Iron oxide black ranges in hue from light blue to intense black.

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