Yuxing provides more than 100 different colors in total.

Yuxing iron oxide pigment is supplied in different forms such as national standard powder, micronized powder. All products are known for their excellent color stability, light fastness, weather stability and chemical resistance.



Architectural coatings

The principle of ferric oxide dispersant is that the new product combines the double advantages of electrostatic stability and steric resistance stability……

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Paint and asphalt

Iron oxide pigments have good weather resistance, high purity, good thermal stability, good compatibility with other components in the application system……

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Wall paint

Iron oxide pigments are widely used in coatings, paints and inks because of their non-toxic, non seeping, low cost and various hues. Iron oxide pigments used……

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Used for some special paper filling with iron oxide pigment is a kind of inorganic pigment, is not widely used, it is part of the iron pigments……

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Cosmetics contain various iron oxide materials. There are both ordinary iron oxide inorganic pigments and special iron oxide materials in iron oxide pigments……

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Medical Apparatus And Instruments

In the application of rubber and plastics, iron oxide red, which does not contain heavy metal ions such as copper and manganese, can be used in aviation tires……

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After more than 40 years of development, Yuxing has an annual output of 200000 tons.

After more than 40 years of development, Yuxing has an annual output of 200000 tons. Yuxing products cover iron oxide red, yellow, black, brown, green, orange, blue, etc. Yuxing products not only have bright luster and stable performance, but also have unique weather resistance and corrosion resistance, and sell well all over the world.

Different Color
Development History
Annual Output


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Innovation creates a new and brilliant appearance | Exhibition Series Broadcast (1)

Our company will participate in the 2023 CHINACOAT China International Coatings Exhibition.We sincerely invite you as a specially invited audience to visit and exchange ideas! Sharing industry event!——Yuxing Technology 01Company Introduction Yuxing Technology is a national specialized and innovative “little giant” enterprise, a national high-tech enterprise, an executive director unit of China Coatings Industry Association, and a vice chairman unit of China Iron Oxide Industry Branch. It is a leader in China’s iron oxide industry, with an annual production capacity of 200000 tons.Yuxing Technology has a research and technology team based on the “Engineering Technology Research Center” and “Enterprise Technology Center”, which deeply cultivates and meticulously works in product research and development, technical processes, product quality, and talent introduction, breaking through technical barriers step by step. As of now, Yuxing has applied for over 100 patents, including nearly 70 authorized patents. It has edited and participated in the compilation of 5 national and industry standards.Yuxing Technology has been deeply involved in the iron oxide industry for over 40 years, focusing on the research and development, testing, and application of iron oxide as an advanced material. Adhering to the corporate principle of putting customer interests first, continuous innovation first, and employee …


Yuxing Technology: Rising Against the Trend, Strong Breakthrough in the Global Market

Recently, the Wuxi “Double Link and Double Delivery” logistics supply chain docking meeting was successfully held. The Wuxi Municipal Government, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Transportation, and multiple well-known enterprises gathered together to discuss new trends and strategies in multimodal transportation and multi port linkage, creating a new driving force for improving the logistics supply chain.Shan Miao, General Manager of Yuxing Technology, was invited to attend this meeting. During this period, Yuxing Technology and Wanda Logistics signed a contract, further deepening their cooperation in the logistics field and consolidating the smooth and efficient foreign trade business of the company. Yuxing Technology has always adhered to the two main lines of “technological innovation and market cooperation”, and has successfully created a stable and efficient foreign trade supply chain through deepening cooperation with all parties.Since this year, under the background of the global economic contraction and the reduction of foreign market demand, Yuxing’s export trade volume has risen against the trend, especially in the “the Belt and Road” market. Compared to last year, the “Colorful” series and the “Iron Black” series showed high growth rates of 30% and 20%, respectively. With the successful construction of the “Double Link and Double Lift” project in …


Honor on the list! Yuxing Technology has been selected as the fifth batch of national level specialized and innovative “Little Giant” enterprises!

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China officially announced the list of the fifth batch of specialized, refined, and new “Little Giant” enterprise formulas. Thanks to years of continuous innovation in the field of iron oxide, Yuxing Technology has been selected as a national specialized and innovative “Little Giant” enterprise. This marks the national recognition of Yuxing Technology’s comprehensive strength, industry influence, innovation ability, and market share in segmented fields. National specialized, refined, and innovative “Little Giant” enterprises are prioritized from four dimensions: specialization, refinement, specialization, and novelty. They are outstanding in strategic emerging industries, core basic components, key basic materials, advanced basic industries, industrial technology foundations, and basic software.As a leader in the domestic iron oxide industry, Yuxing Technology has been involved in the field of iron oxide for over forty years and has rich theoretical and practical experience.For many years, Yuxing Technology has attached great importance to independent innovation, adhering to the creation of independently controllable key core technologies, and taking products as the cornerstone of the company’s development. Yuxing technology products are not only widely used in paint, rubber, plastic, ceramics, fertilizer, construction and many other industries, but also used …


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