Chasing the Light Day by Day “Starts a” New “Journey | Yuxing Accelerates the Promotion of a Green and Low Carbon New Journey!

In recent years, the process of “carbon neutrality and carbon peaking” has been deepening in China, and promoting the transformation of energy to green and low-carbon has become an irresistible trend in China. The demand of enterprises for energy conservation and emission reduction, power generation efficiency improvement, power consumption security, etc. is also growing. As a green and low-carbon power generation mode, distributed photovoltaic power generation has become the most important link to promote the development of social low carbon cycle.

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Recently, the Yuxing rooftop photovoltaic power generation project has officially been connected to the grid for power generation, marking the phased achievements of Yuxing in promoting green transformation of development mode, promoting clean and efficient energy utilization, and accelerating the construction of a new energy system.

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Accelerating the development of new energy and optimizing energy structure is an important support for achieving the “dual carbon” goal. On the path of advancing towards green, low-carbon, and high-quality development, and achieving the “two carbon” goals, Yuxing has always been committed to building a first-class green factory in the industry. With a “competitive attitude and momentum”, it fully implements the “excellence, leadership, and efficiency” action, and makes due contributions to promoting the high-quality development of the iron oxide industry to surpass.

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Energy conservation and consumption reduction are tasks that must be persisted for a long time. Yuxing always adheres to the concept of sustainable development, utilizes the power of science, and takes actions to support the sustainable and high-quality development of the iron oxide industry, making our future safer, cleaner, and greener.

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