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Report to the people who care about and support Yuxing!
Yuxing, in the first quarter of 2022, it is expected that the shipment volume will reach 26800 tons and the sales volume will reach 220million, which reflects that Yuxing products are deeply recognized by the majority of customers, and it is a strong affirmation of Yuxing products, technical advantages and brand influence, marking that Yuxing’s production and operation capacity has made remarkable achievements in stages! As a star representative enterprise of the economic development zone, in view of the complex and changeable macro situation at present, jiangyafeng, deputy director of the administrative committee of the economic development zone, led a team to Jiangsu Yuxing Technology Co., Ltd. to carry out visit and research activities to systematically understand the factor constraints and financial needs faced by the enterprise; We formulated some policy suggestions to stimulate the development of Yuxing, which encouraged the confidence and laid a solid foundation for Yuxing to achieve its annual goals.
It is reported that since 2022, in order to cope with the post epidemic era and the rising tide of chemical prices, Yuxing has taken advantage of the trend by actively adjusting its production and sales strategies. With the help of Lei Dong’s and Shan Zong’s policies, it has realized the counter trend explosion growth of the order volume.
We will do a good job in “anti epidemic and stable production”, implement the main responsibility for epidemic prevention and control, and innovate customer visits
At present, many regions in the country affected by the epidemic have been under strict control, and some regions have closed cities, roads, work stoppages, etc. March is the high incidence period of the epidemic. Yuxing has also raised awareness and made emergency preparedness for epidemic prevention.
First, strengthen the self inspection and supervision of enterprise epidemic prevention and control, improve the emergency plan and other epidemic prevention and control systems, and do a good job in scanning employees’ health codes, wearing masks, temperature detection, and “one meter line” queuing; Actively cooperate with ETDZ in flow regulation, nucleic acid detection, etc. Keep the safety bottom line of enterprise epidemic prevention and ensure regional safety with enterprise safety.
Secondly, we resolutely implemented the requirements of the national and local disease control offices on epidemic prevention and control management of entry and exit. Sales personnel avoided face-to-face communication. Through Tencent conferences, enterprise wechat and other multimedia channels, we basically realized “online” customer visits and negotiations, maintained customer relations, and widened the distance with customers during the epidemic period.
Supply chain & focus on production and sales
“Under the current situation, Yuxing should maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, continue to stabilize production and supply, and actively explore new markets for sales.” In Yuxing’s view, we must have confidence to achieve the set goals in 2022. All Yuxing people should fully realize that the current situation is experiencing “super challenges” for every iron oxide enterprise, but also believe that there are opportunities behind every crisis! We must inherit and carry forward the excellent cultural tradition of Yuxing group. All employees must unite closely and work together to fight. We must do a solid job in product quality production. The supply chain must “budget carefully” to control costs, wholeheartedly maintain suppliers, and serve the needs of raw materials. In addition, we must strengthen safety and environmental protection control. We will be able to overcome the challenges, Gain greater competitive advantage!
“Sales and service” go hand in hand, and domestic market development starts “acceleration”
Customers are the foundation of business. If we grasp customers, we will grasp the source of development and the growth point of business. Yuxing implements the service concept of “customer first and consistency” with practical actions, further improves the product and service quality, and maintains long-term sustainable development. This sales concept will stimulate more flexible and adaptive sales strategies and marketing channels, and help Yuxing brand and products to continuously meet the needs of customers; Further explore customer needs, help improve customer stickiness and develop potential customers; In addition, the special application fields of fine and deep ploughing iron oxide, such as sponge city and color pavement, will be further expanded into new business growth points.

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In April, in the face of challenges, Yuxing will still adhere to the spirit and courage of “at this moment, give up my life” and dare to take on and challenge. All the brothers and sisters of Yuxing are twisted into a rope, and they are really united together. Everyone shows the greatest enthusiasm and energy, and makes concerted efforts to move forward bravely!

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